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Neck & Upper Back Pain

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Monica D

My son is a highschool football player and started seeing Dr A. during his offseason to get his body ready and conditioned for the upcoming season. He noticed a big difference after just one visit, and is now seeing Dr A weekly for adjustments and additional therapies, specific to his needs. Dr A takes the time each visit to explain to my son what he’s doing along with the benefits, which truly makes a difference. The office staff is kind and always pleasant, they offer convenient times and appt scheduling online which is great. The only thing we regret is not seeing Dr A sooner!

Elise T

Dr. Vince is amazing! He’s been treating me for almost three years for sciatica and low back pain. When I got pregnant, I was still able to go. He was gentle and adjusted his treatment. Then after pregnancy, I was able to continue and even added physical therapy to my appointments to strengthen my left side. My husband, mom, dad, and coworkers go to him as well. I’d recommend him to anyone! He takes his time and is very thorough. Thank you, Dr. Vince!

Isaac K

If you’re looking for a skilled and caring chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Vincent Adofoli. He helped me to overcome chronic back pain through a combination of gentle adjustments and massage therapy. Dr. Vincent truly cares about his patients and takes the time to tailor his approach to their specific needs.

Rebecca B

A+++ care!

Dr Vince is attentive, thorough and caring! He will figure out what is best for you individually by pinpointing problem areas and will even incorporate exercises to overcome issues. Great explanation of treatments. He truly cares and loves what he does. Middletown Chiropractic offers a clean, organized and calm environment and not only offers chiropractic services but specialty services (scraping, cupping and dry needling) and rehab.

Lisa T

I had TKR in 2020 and been having issues (stiffness, swelling, etc) and in out of PT for months. Since seeing Dr. Viincent, for about 3- sessions now, my knew has been feeling better and looking better, The swelling is down and have better range of motion. I highly recommend Dr. Vincent for PT, Chiropractic Services, and Holistic Services. Thank you.

Taylor W

Dr. Vincent is awesome. I have been having lower back pain for years and have been to several chiropractors in the area with only short term relief. I like how Dr. Vincent approaches the problem with not only adjustments but physical therapy and other therapeutic methods.

Gee L

I have been going to Dr V since February. He has me walking 100% better since my knee surgery. He is spot on to your needs holistically. He asks questions to determine the best treatment for whatever your need maybe. Goes above and beyond your doctor prescription. That’s why he is a 5 star doctor.

Thank you Dr V!!

Carri B

In the past 20+ years I’ve been to several doctors seeking help for daily headaches, unbearable tension in my neck, back pain and occasional vertigo. From my first appointment with Dr. Vince, I knew he was the right doctor for me. In a matter of a few weeks, I have gone from daily headaches and tension to nearly none. Dr. Vince’s treatments are a combination of naturopathic and holistic in nature- he listens to you and wants to gets to the root cause of the pain so he can properly treat. Dr. Vince has completely changed my quality of life. I haven’t felt this good in years!

Ali J

Amazing service! Dr Adofoli is very knowledgeable. He explains the issues in depth and adds exercises to the routine to completely fix the issues. Highly recommend

Christopher G

Dr. Vincent Adofoli was very thorough and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and concerns. I am excited to return and start the healing process.

Tashina H

Amazing service, extremely professional, he walked me through every step and explained everything. I trust his recommendations and the reset was pain free, which I was afraid of. Hands down the best service, I had back pain for years, and we are working to correct this.

Peter G

Been seeing doctor Vincent Adofoli and every visit is a great visit, he is very knowledgeable and explains to you in detail everything so you understand. And also shows you ways of doing things at home, The conversations are always great… HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Anna L

My experience with Dr. Adofoli completely exceeded my expectations. I have had 15+ years of back pain stemming from disk issues, and I have seen over a dozen back doctors. In my experience, it would take months of treatment/ medicine/ PT for the pain to go away. This time I went to see Dr. Adofoli with a severe pitched nerve problem and I could not walk normally. After about two weeks of treatment, my back is much, much better. I thought I would need surgery, thank you Dr. Adofoli!

James R

He’s a great practitioner. As a person recovering from musculoskeletal issues from being hit by a car, I really respect a chiropractor who approaches issues not just from a spinal adjustment perspective, but also make sure to incorporate working with muscular and whole body techniques. In addition, Dr. Adofoli has an excellent bedside manner he’s got experience, practical knowledge, and does a good job of listening to what I’m saying about my own body. I feel like I’m being seen by someone who takes the time to listen to me. I highly recommend Dr. Adofoli!

Corinne S

This was my first time seeing a chiropractor, and Dr. Vince was fantastic. He explained everything he was doing, why he was going to do it, and what it would feel like. It made the whole experience very comfortable for me, and I can’t wait to have my neck and back be on the mend.

Olga A

Excellent! Came in as a first timer, never had visited a chiropractor before. He asked a lot of questions and was very knowledgeable. Walked me through every step and walking out, I immediately felt better! Looking forward to my next visit! 

Kweenia C

Dr. Vince is what you look for in a doctor. He’s exceptional at what he does and really cares about his patients. I started seeing him October 2018, got into an accident and found out I was pregnant the first week of Dec. 2018. He’s made my treatment and pregnancy as painless as possible with his treatment plans at the office and the ones he sends me to do at home. I just can’t say enough about him. I brag to all my friends and really hope everyone finds someone like him. He’s personable and actually listens + treats any concerns you bring to him. He also takes the time to explain what’s happening and how his treatments will help. Just amazing! Thank you for being the standard! 

Micheal R

Amazing and very personal. Takes his time with his patients. 

Jahmila M

Dr. Adofoli was personable and took his time explaining my diagnosis and treatment plan. I was since within a few minutes of my appointment start time and was giving a thorough walk through of wouldn’t be done during my appointment. He was great and will be scheduling my next appointment with him today! 

Robert N

I thought it was a great first visit and I felt so much better afterward that I scheduled another appointment immediately.

Krystal B

Dr. Vince is very caring. He actually cares about his patients’ health. Unlike most physicians.

Taashera S

He was great. Very informative and I left there feeling better than when I walked in! I will definitely see him again if I have to.

Meriem B

He was very knowledgeable and took his time to explain everything he was doing. I feel completely better after his treatment. 

Nicolas A

It was awesome!! He really helped me understand my muscles and how they interact with one another. Plus, he answered all of my questions very knowledgeably and give me good recommendations to follow until my next visit. 

Morgan P

Dr.Vincent was great. He was very kind and listened well to where I was experiencing pain. My back already feels infinitely better I will definitely be back! 

Danielle M

He was very informative and very nice. He made me feel very comfortable n really address my core issues. I will definitely be referring everyone I know to him. 

Lidiana J

It was my first time seeing a chiropractor and Dr. Vincent Adofoli, DC, was perfect. He was polite, kind and explained everything that was going on with me as well as what he was doing to help. I will definitely be going to see him again.

Erika W

Always wonderful…he takes pride in his work.

Stephanie W

So friendly and really listened to what was hurting. No judgement, just help. Fantastic bedside manner and follow up!

Erika W

Wonderful experience.

Innitials Hidden

Dr. Adofoli was incredibly professional. He explained everything he did, and why he was doing it. He’s kind and gentle, and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve been to a few Chiron, but this one is the winner. You won’t regret it, and your sore body will thank you.

Leonora F

Very informative and kind. He is also very patient and explains thoroughly everything.

Ivette M

Dr. Vince is an exceptional and. Attentive Chiropractor who has knowledge in many areas of pain and pain management. I recommend him to anyone who is seeking quality treatment.

Ashanti P

I’ll definitely be back. He was thorough and gave way more information about my body and the healing process than I expected. I kinda don’t want to rate him because his schedule will inevitably be filled up quickly!

Leonora F

Very informative, professional and helpful. I am looking forward to other sessions.

Lashae T

Awesome Doctor! He is very knowledgeable about the spine and really cares about his patients.

Kaweenia C

Very informed, listens and gives you detailed information on how to improve.

Ricardo L

Excellent session. I see progress. Dr. Adofoli is encouraging and motivates you to do what is best for you while not doing anything that would be detrimental.

Emily K

Vince is awesome. I’m really excited to continue working with him— he took my pain seriously and explained a plan (of stretches, strength exercises, and adjustments) to correct my posture and strengthen my muscles. I’m only 28, and my pain is not debilitating, but it was hugely validating to have someone acknowledge and understand my aches and pains and propose holistic solutions.

Ricardo L

Intuitive and professional. I have never had such a fantastic and pleasant experience with a medical professional before. Dr. Adofoli addresses areas that you may forget to mention.

Ricardo L

I continue to be amazed at the excellent professional and intuitive treatments I receive.

Lashae T

I would highly recommend Dr. Vincent. He is very knowledgeable and makes his clients feel very comfortable. He has been one of the best chiropractors that I have ever had.

Innitials Hidden

Very professional and knowledgeable. Knew how to solve/manage my problems and recommended things I could do to help. Will be coming back again.

Ricardo L

Professional, personable and very knowledgeable. Extremely mindful of what is needed and not overdo treatments.

Ricardo L

Great balance of professionalism, friendliness, attention, and compassion. Dr. Adofoli is very knowledgeable and puts you at ease as he explains fully how the plains on addressing your concerns.

Devon O

Dr. Vince was SO sweet and helpful. While I had pulsing machine on, he put on relaxing music, turned out the lights and left me alone. He was really laid back and funny, and after 1 day, already the pain is significantly better. I will definitely be back!

Leonora F

Very informative, professional and helpful. I am looking forward to other sessions.

Jonah P

It was my first time going to the place and everyone was just so genuine and welcoming. Dr. Vincent Adofoli was absolutely amazing and just a great person.

Initials Hidden

The experience with Vincent was amazing. He quickly diagnosed the issue that I came in with and took time to explain how we would work through relieving the pain together. I left with exercises to do that were personalized and a smile!

Ivette M

Dr. Vince is truly the best in his business and in the physician category at-large!

Initials Hidden

Dr. Adofoli is a compassionate doctor. I am a long distances runner and have a training schedule year round. He understands my needs and knows how to keep me on track with my training.

Joanna R

Dr. Vince was very helpful. He took the time to explain everything clearly and make sure that my concerns were addressed.